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  • Full scale empty home staging
  • Partial staging includes design and staging consult for homes with existing furnishings
  • Design consults for home owners that just want fresh perspective on the homes they love!

Staging Services
It only makes sense that the broker you hire knows how to prepare your home for sale.  Instead of hiring a separate staging company, Molly works with you to provide staging services that she knows will help sell your home.  From design consult to furniture and art selection to load-in.  Whether you need a complete staging set to fill an empty space or whether you simply need a touch up on your existing space and perhaps some ideas to make certain areas pop, Molly offers both services -- to sellers and to home owners who simply want an expert opinion and style consult.
This mod building is located right in the heart of the Lincoln Park and Depaul neighborhoods of Chicago. It has unique glass and metal detaiil giving it a bit of an industrial vibe.
Upon entering the unit the off-green walls and poor lighting didn't set the right to make the buyer say "wow I can't wait to see this place."
The new design features a classy, yet modern gray to offset the white woodwork and walnut floors for all of the main living spaces.
With just a fresh coat of paint and new light fixtures, the entry is already more inviting!
Staged properly, with a foyer table, artwork, and carpeting, this condo now says "welcome home".
The moss colored walls weren't bringing the neutral grays and blacks in the kitchen to life.  As an empty space, it was also difficult for potential buyers to envision how their furniture would work in this combined living/kitchen area.
The answer?  New color on the walls, 3 distinct seating areas, and mid century furniture that matches the vibe of the building.
The dining area with its tow toned moss and sage walls was starting to look drab from wear and tear.  This space was also the most unique little nook in the condo.  This area just begged to create a "wow moment."
Pow!  Paint, a new light fixture and appropriate furniture that pays homage to the metal/glass behind it makes this dining area pop.  The cow hide rug just makes it all the more chic.
The galley kitchen is rather utilitarian without a little extra oomph.  We need to show buyers how it could really shine.
Bar stools show that the seating space can be expanded and pops of color around the kitchen create more visual drama and keep your eye moving through the space.
Another angle on the living space prior to the staging intervention. Kind of an awkward space without furniture in it don't you think?
After the stage, a distinct dining area, a family area, and a separate sitting area.
Another angle on the kitchen before the stage. The owners chose their backsplash wisely.  I used these colors as inspiration for the paint throughout.
With just a few accessories (keep the counters clean and tidy when selling your home -- always!) the kitchen is inviting. Notice the bulldog cookie jar on the counter? I couldn't resist that piece!
The master bedroom is super bright with a huge wall of windows. Unfortunately the paint and carpet were worn and the room had no zing.
A deeper shade of charcoal on the walls, creation of a reading nook next to the bed, mod accessories and pops of color in the artwork and pillows turned this into a different space. This is still a king sized bed with dresser, nightstand and seating area -- spacious!
For this room I chose the deepest shade in the condo, Graystone is one of the corresponding colors to the Gray Husky throughout the living space.
The pale blue bedroom facing into a warmer toned bathroom wasn't working.  And the carpet needed an overhaul too after tenants gave it quite a bit of wear-and-tear.
Now this master is appropriately furnished, all angles are shown off, and the room even seems brighter, despite the darker wall color.
Even without staging the master bath is really quite beautiful with gorgeous travertine and marble accents. However the lighting (fluorescent) was creating strange shadows in the space.
With warmer light bulbs and some simple accessories, the bath looks like the spa it was designed to be!
See, isn't this a pretty bath without any touches?
But much better with the right light and color scheme along with a few accessories to look lived-in.
The biggest challenge was the guest bedroom.  The room seemed dark despite the yellow walls, the carpet was worn and we wanted the space to look as big as possible.
And voila! I chose another gray hued paint with hints of blue/green to bring the walls to life. The carpet was replaced, and a full sized bed, night table and dresser were brought into the room to show how truly usable the space is. The curtains add just the right pop!
The paint color for the guest room is another Benjamin Moore stand by, Gray Owl (it actually looks more frothy blue/green in person).
Here is another angle on the second bedroom with the dirty carpet and drab walls.
And here it is now, pops of color and new lighting!
The guest bathroom (similar to the master bath) also had great bones including beautiful tile work and vanity to boot. It just needed a small facelift and some soft edges.
Adding linens, some candles and a few accessories make it more spa-like and inviting.
Finally, the outdoor patio is a really cool space (with a stone tile floor). It has a very urban vibe.
By simply adding some color and simple furniture pieces it was easy to show potential buyers how they could potentially use this space.
Lincoln Park Condo:  Full Scale Stage
Bucktown Condo:  Partial Stage
This 2 bedroom Bucktown condo is in a hot hot hot area!  We needed to make this baby shine!
Although the tenant has lived in the condo for several years, the clutter was everywhere.  We HAD to get this in order to show off the space in the right way.
After the stage it looks like a different condo!  I covered stains on the furniture with smart placement of pillows and blankets, added carpets, artwork, and lighting.
As you can see, the furniture was not the highest quality and the walls were bare (we just repainted a neutral Benjamin Moore to give freshness to the space).
Because the space is so narrow, I created interesting angles with the furniture to make the room appear wider.
The kitchen in this condo is beautiful, it just had no sparkle, or va va voom!
The easiest part of the stage was simply cleaning up the mess in the kitchen and decluttering. Voila.
The master bedroom lacked any punch prior to the stage.  The furniture placement was awkward and made the room hard to navigate.
The bedspread actually worked well in the space, but the layout of the furniture was making the room seem small. I changed the furniture placement, added a bit of artwork and some more pops of color and the room came to life.
The master bathroom had beautiful tile work, but was covered with a mish mash of shabby accessories.
After the stage we removed the mismatched rugs, shower curtain, towels and accessories and simplified to let the beauty of the stone and vanity stand for itself.
The 2nd bedroom prior to the staging intervention. This one was a doozy!   No words!
Wow.  The clutter and the bed hogging the entire space made the room seem small. Changing the angle of the bed, adding a nightstand, curtains, good lighting and the desk, shows buyers how big the space really is.  Pops of color bring life to the space without making a permanent statement.
The guest bath was in need of a good scrub and just a few little touches.
After the staging, some pops of color and a good cleaning brought this guest bath new energy.
The dining area, which was completely hidden and covered in a mess prior to the staging, is now crisp, spacious and shows off the versatility of the space.
I was happy to work with the owners of this Bucktown condo to make their property sparkle again. They had tenants living in the unit but wanted to take advantage of a good selling market. We devised a strategy to maintain the tenant income, but struck an agreement with the tenant that we would be cleaning up the space and redecorating it (he didn't have to lift a finger) and we would ask that he keep the space clean while it remained on the market. It's a win/win. The owners continued to get the rental income and we showed a condo that was full with furniture and style (which is essential in helping potential buyers visualize how they may live in a space).

Together with the owners, I plowed through the space, moved furniture from room to room, we brought in a few pieces, and overhauled the condo with small touches of artwork, carpets, curtains, etc. I'd call this a relatively light staging project, but boy did it produce results. It went from drab to fab in a matter of days!